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Aggrandize Venture Pvt Ltd is a leading software and KPO solutions provider for NVOCC, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Depot, Logistics and Supply Chain industry. We are catering to all the needs of the container shipping and logistics business. Our Spirit of innovation and passion will aid the logistics industry to create a greater business impact and it is reflected through our Shipping and Logistics Software over the years. We are passionate about our customer’s satisfaction and we offer them the best Shipping and Logistics Solutions. Our Software automates and simplifies your Operations & enhances efficiency.



ZEALIT ERP is an Integrated logistics Software, which is designed to enhance efficiency and automation. It streamlines processes and increases productivity, visibility, and profitability. ZEALIT is flexible and offers smart solutions to handle NVOCC & Liner Agency Business Operations, Freight Forwarding, Depot Management, Customs Clearance, Transport Management, Warehousing and comes with a full-fledged Finance & Accounting System.

ZEALIT caters to the business needs of all sizes & segments in the Container Shipping & Logistics Industry. It’s an all in one cloud-based application that can be accessed from any location. It is a centralized system which can be accessed by Principal, Agency, Depot and the Customer. This application is hosted in a serverless environment which will drastically bring down the hardware cost. ZEALIT is synchronized with business intelligence which allows the end-user to design their own reports.

We are experts in providing solutions to the Container Shipping & Logistics Industry, ZEALIT Shipping and Logistics Software efficiently handles all your operations. ZEALIT puts productivity at the centre of everything you do. Its single-platformed Shipping Software that gives you high levels of automation and visibility. It streamlines the process reduces the error. ZEALIT is an efficient solution for simplifying the NVOCC & Freight Forwarding process.
NVOCC Operations


We have automated the most problematic area in NVOCC Business such as Agency SOA, Cost Estimation, overall control on agency activities by bringing them into one single system. ZEALIT is the best software for NVOCC automation. It eases the process of registration of terminal invoice, auto-downloading of inventory moves through EDI and excel, On-time reporting, email alerts, Revenue vs Cost comparison, Online portal for shipment tracking; Rate Request; Booking; Bill of Lading;shipping instruction, etc.. a lot more to simplify your process.

Freight Forwarding Software

Freight Forwarding

ZEALIT will be your best ERP Software for the freight forwarders. It manages the end to end activity that includes Rate Management, Quotation with profitability, Booking, Bill of lading for LCL and FCL shipment, Container release order, Cargo Arrival Notice, Delivery order, Automated emailing of the documents to customer, managing container tracking, Online portal for shipment tracking; Rate Request; Booking; Bill of Lading; shipping instruction, etc., The software gives you a clear visibility on sale performance and profitability.

Customs Clearence Software

Customs Clearence

ZEALIT Provides complete control and is the best software for customs clearance business. As it fixes the predefined rate and cost for different types of customs clearance service offered, Auto allocation of rate and cost based on the predefined tariff, option to manually add the incidental charges like inspection, scanning, etc. You can create the clearance service on top of the NVOCC or Freight Forwarding or shipping agency BL’s which will help you to produce the combined invoice to the customer, clear visibility on revenue vs cost & profitability.

Transport Management Software

Transport Management

Get the best ever Transport Management System, ZEALIT to track your wise rate, cost and fuel quantity which will help to have complete control over all revenue and cost; auto-posting the cost related to toll fee, fuel and other cost; visibility to trip wise profitability; option to merge the multiple transport order to manage the different customer request under one truck, driver maintenance, truck maintenance, spare parts maintenance, store management, Fuel rate management, auto calculation of fuel quantity based on the trip assigned for the truck, clear visibility of truck idle time, truck wise profit and lot more with ZEALIT's Transport Management System.

Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency

ZEALIT is the best software that helps the shipping agency to maintain the multiple liner operation, Container tracking can be maintained each liner wise, manage the rate and cost liner wise, option to set the owner for each rate and cost, based on the owner, system will auto-create the Debit note to the liner, auto calculation of container rentals which includes demurrage, detention, and storage, Maintenance of commission agreement liner wise, Auto calculation of commission, email alert, on-time reporting, auto-downloading of inventory moves through EDI and excel and lot more.

Depot Management Software

Depot Management

ZEALIT'S depot management module helps in maintaining the operations such as Gate Moves, Container Maintenance and Repair, Tracking of Containers, Stores and Spares Control, comprehensive Billing and Documentation, with enhanced Reporting support, Auto calculation of storage and LOLO charges, option to capture the container images before and after repair, stowage maintenance, auto capture of repair tariffs based on the past data, user friendly report & dashboard which will give complete visibility of depot. This is the best depot management system.