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NVOCC Operations Management

• ZEALIT is an NVOCC software solution specifically tailor-made to meet the needs of Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC) and its global operations. It is a tried, tested and the best NVOCC software solution that has been evolved because of continuous study of the industry and real-time challenges faced in the NVOCC industry.

• Our NVOCC cloud-based s as both Principal & Agency Based System with inbuilt Finance & Accounting module. It aids the principal can effectively control the agency activities based on the request and approval process.

• Agency can also effectively manage multiple principals. It enables us to make bulk upload options on all the operational screens.

• It is inbuilt with the web portal access for Customers, Depots and Agencies and thus it automates time-consuming operations and eases the process of auto registration of vendor invoices received from terminal, Depot, Leasing Partner and slot operator.

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