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NVOCC Operations Management

• ZEALIT is an NVOCC Software solution specifically tailor-made to meet the needs of Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC) and its global operations. It is a tried, tested and the best NVOCC software solution that has been evolved based on continuous study of the industry and real-time challenges faced in the NVOCC industry.

• ZEALIT NVOCC system has the capability to handle inventory of any type and also comes with unique ISO tank specific features like Tank Certificate Management, Test Due Alerts, DG product Approval, View Last three Cargo and allocate a Tank container.

• Our NVOCC system is cloud-based and can be used as both Principal & Agency Based with inbuilt Finance & Accounting module. The principal can effectively control the agency activities based on the request & approval process and Agency can effectively manage multiple principals.

• ZEALIT NVOCC module gives full visibility of Inventory around the globe and simplifies all documentation procedures like Booking confirmation, BL, arrival notices, DO and manifests with user friendly interface to manage bookings, container allocation & tracking functions.

• Our NVOCC Module is implemented with Customer Self – Service Portal with options to raise booking, track shipments, prepare SI, Confirm Proforma & generate e-Invoice, BL Surrender and e-DO, there by equipping the NVOCC business to adapt to the new normalcy.

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