In recent years, several new technological breakthroughs have come up in the field of logistics. What is more, evolving is the expectations of customers which are significantly increasing. Shipping and logistics companies have to confront immense changes. They are finding ways to carve out the more lucrative elements that give them Return On Investment, but they should also develop the right strategy to meet these needs. 

Freight forwarders on the other side are skeptical about the future of their company because of the competition and the global economy. This uncertainty can be removed only by adopting technology for their business. They have started to realize the importance of technologies and the adoption of sophisticated freight forwarding software that provides greater efficiency and more collaborative business models due to their shipping-centered approach.

Are you still wondering how companies track their shipments and coordinate goods from one destination to another? Are you concerned about moving your Customer’s goods to the delivery point with less worry on the pricing & competition? The best solution is to adopt appropriate software to automate the business process and improve the customer experience by providing ease of doing business with self-service options to the Customers using technology.

If you’re still looking out for an efficient way to manage shipments, then look no further than freight forwarding solutions for your business. Delve into details about how we have created freight forwarding software Module in ZEALIT ERP for the logistics industry. Utilize this indispensable system for organizing the transportation of goods. 

Freight forwarding software is generally used to help companies to arrange imports and exports from quoting and preparing their documentation, tracking, and tracing.

ZEALIT ERP acts as a middleman and efficiently manages the rates & costs between the shipper and the service providers, and enables quick decision on the most economical, reliable and fastest route. ZEALIT ERP enables freight forwarding businesses to provide an accurate quote by managing the rates with customers & costs with service providers and automating the business operation by providing self-service options through the customer portal.  ZEALIT ERP eliminates the need for managing multiple systems in a complex business environment as it comes with full-fledged finance & accounting and HRMS modules.”

Freight forwarding is a complex business. Managing multiple customers and carriers, customs challenges, allowing for different languages, time zones and currencies are challenging. That’s why it is essential to consider how freight forwarding software can help you to operate faster, better and with greater flexibility. ZEALIT is ready to help if you want to automate your business process and focus more on sales revenue. Though there is a  great number of freight forwarding software globally and finding the perfect partner is never easy. If you are looking for one, do consider ZEALIT.

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