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Technology In NVOCC Business

Date: 03-12-2022
NVOCC Business

NVOCC means Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier. They book large quantity of space with vessel and sells space to shippers in smaller amounts. NVOCC also consolidates small shipments of LCL (less container load) and issues HBL (House Bill of Lading). They also undertake the services provided by a freight forwarder.

An NVOCC's client list include:
  • Shipper or Cargo owner
  • Freight forwarder
  • Clearing agent
  • Freight Broker

There was a time when NVOCC Business were not favourable to use any software system due to the complexity in their documentation and accounting procedures as this business deals with agents co-ordination in multiple locations, handling different types of cargo and customers, liaising with all the service providers for smooth execution with better cost and rate management.
Most of the software systems which were available did not address the key pain point of this business and rather gave more pain to use the software and increased the complexity of doing business.

Choosing a right technology for NVOCC business has now become a vital need in the shipping business:
  • An NVOCC Software should provide the Principal, a complete control of all Agencies activity with request and approval flows
  • The software should enable the NVOCC business to operate as a principal and also as a Liner Agency based on the business requirements.
  • The NVOCC system should enable the user to reduce manual work by automating the documentation procedures
  • The NVOCC software should have an inbuilt Finance & accounting module to handle accounting procedures of multiple countries
  • The software should equip the NVOCC to handle any type of Inventory like Dry, Reefers and ISO Tanks
  • The NVOCC software should give a clear visibility of inventory spread across the globe with clear tracking of movements and automate the detention & demurrage calculation
  • The software should be equipped with EDI connectivity with ports, depots, banks and all service providers for quick exchange of data automatically

Now coming to the most important part of this New Normalcy in business, Providing a self-service options to customers for placing a booking, updating shipping instruction, print BL, Generate Invoice, print Delivery order over online portal can eliminate multiple office visits, phone calls or email follow ups and there by simplifying the documentation procedures.

A NVOCC software with all these features can enhance the Customer Experience by equipping the NVOCC business to provide on time & quality service with competitive rates and eliminates customer attrition.

ZEALIT ERP from Aggrandize has been developed with utmost care by considering all the pain points of operating a NVOCC business and being used by majority of the NVOCCs across the globe.
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