Essential Features Your HR Management System Should Have

Date: 09-03-2024
eRP Software business

Employee Management

A good HR softwareallows storing all staff information conveniently. It keeps personal details like name, address, role, date of joining, experience, skills, qualifications safely. Managers can access comprehensive staff profiles easily for any query related to performance reviews, training or promotions. Employees also get self-service access to update their own details ensuring all information is accurate and up-to-date. Key features include employee portals for profiles, documents and messaging within the software.

Attendance and Leaves

Advanced features help track attendance and manage leaves effectively with options like geotagging or fingerprint check-ins make monitoring attendance simple. Automatic leave approvals save time for both employees and managers. Staff get automatic alerts on their remaining leave balances through SMS or email, allowing better planning. Detailed attendance reports help identify leaves patterns and issues if any. Integration with devices for checking in-out remotely from sites

Recruitment Features

Powerful hiring tools list vacancies to many sources like job portals, social networks simultaneously. Online applications with customizable forms collect all relevant information. Automated skill tests and video interviews conducted remotely allow managers to virtually screen candidates effectively despite locations. Integrated background and reference checks before final shortlists help pick the best suitable talent. Applicant tracking system maintains full records of candidates and interactions.

Payroll Management

Accurate payroll calculation considers wages, taxes, allowances, bonuses and other payroll transactions correctly as per labor laws. Features generate payslips in user-friendly formats for employees to download or print. Integrations allow automated filing of monthly and yearly returns effortlessly to statutory authorities like PF, ESI, Income Tax through online payment gateways smoothly ensuring timely compliances. Flexible salary structures as per grades and allowance types.

Performance and Goals

Customizable performance reviews with key goals, projects and achievements recorded quarterly or annually link individual performance objectives with broader business objectives. Online goal tracking, feedback and calibrations improves focus and productivity over time. Intelligent recommendation engines suggest role-specific training programs and certification based on gaps identified. Automated workflows for appraisals.

Reporting and Analytics

Insightful interactive reports built-in or customized as per the needs pull out comprehensive staff, leave, appraisal, training, attrition and other operational data trends in clear formats. Powerful graphical dashboards and scorecards show this wide information through tables, charts and graphs clearly for deeper analysis. Data modeling and forecasting tools project optimal staffing needs and budgets for the future based on past trends and workflows. Configurable widgets and folders.

Human Resource Management with ZEALIT HRMS

Simplifying core HR processes cohesively through its feature-rich yet user-friendly tailored system, the ZEALIT HRMSproves an excellent long-term choice. Its intuitive design along with open APIs support seamless data exchange and cohesive experiences that keep evolving effortlessly with a company’s dynamic requirements. Comprehensive employee database acts as a single source of truth. Customizable workflows.


As a complete 360-degree solution effortlessly helping manage each aspect of the employee lifecycle right from hiring to retiring, ZEALIT HRMS remains undoubtedly the top integrated system available today. Its AI-powered insights and focus on simplified, data-driven experiences empower both leaders and employees to achieve their true potential. Seamless integration capabilities.