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How to choose the correct ERP software for your business?

Date: 10-03-2023
ERP Software business

As we all know that the shipping and logistics industry is one of the largest & fastest growing industries of the world & over 90% of transportation and trade is taken care by this domain. Without shipping and logistics, import & export of any type of goods across the world would not be possible. To run such a big business is not an easy task as there are lots of challenges which this industry faces in their daily routine like Assets management, Import export documentation & duties, High Valuation Asset Tracking, Maintaining stock records of materials, Customer follow ups, Record of damage goods, Managing tariffs. For managing all these processes, the company needs a robust and scalable software solution which will give the company a single view of all their processes and showcase reports that are critical for supporting decision making. Customized reports, seamless processes and actionable data helping make strategic decisions on the go is what the management should look in while implementing a software system.

What happens if you do not digitize your business?

When it comes to the shipping industry the toughest part in the shipping & logistics is digitizing your business. Once you reach a certain number of volumes there will be a lot of documents to be handled which becomes a challenging issue without proper software to handle your business. By doing everything manually, you will have a high chance of making a mistake (one small mistake can make you a great loss). This will also restrict scale up of your business.

The important part in any business is customer retention, if you are not good at customer retention then it means you are lacking on something. In this modern world people want everything to be fast, they want real-time data, proper reports and analytics, great customer support, proper invoicing, they want everything quick. If you are slow and your competitor provides this data faster, the tendency of moving to competition will also be faster.

Implementing a software that just results in data entry without any automation or standard set of features to handle documentation and accounting will ruin the growth as it increases manual effort and results in deploying more man power to handle the software. if the software you bought doesn't have a good feature and doesn't have good support and the learning curve is very hard then it means it is a bad software. You need to choose your software wisely by thorough gap analysis and customer's feedback.

What happens if you digitize your business?

Digitizing your business means bringing in automation in varied processes. When you have more volumes, you don't need to worry about handling the documentation, inventory tracking, invoices and accounting because everything a Shipping ERP software can handle. It helps to scale your business a lot faster to a big level and it helps in avoiding all the manual mistakes and providing you real time data, reports which helps your client to grow their business which helps in customer retention that helps in growing your brand with great customer experience.

Choosing the good software will help you to outrun your competitor and provide you with real time data and reports which helps in scaling your business. Don't worry about the volumes as it can be handled efficiently by the software that comes with automation capabilities.

ERP Software business
How to choose the correct ERP software for your business?
Make sure the software has these features:
  • Tariff Management
  • Inventory control & tracking
  • Proper documentation functionalities
  • Automation in Manifest filing procedures for all port locations
  • User friendly UI/UX design
  • Security of data
  • Easy Learning curve
  • Great customer support
  • Availability of Real-time data
  • Accommodating the statutory laws & regulations
  • Adapting to Global Accounts process

ZEALIT Shipping ERP from Aggrandize is a trusted software that comes with E-invoicing meeting global accounting regulations, provides real-time data & reports, has great security to protect your data. It has a user-friendly UI/UX design with an easy learning curve with great customer support and quick implementation timeline. It provides peace in your mind and customer mind because these ERP automates everything and helps you in customer retention that helps in scaling your business faster. You have the chance today to increase your revenue and reduce the overhead expenses of your business simply by using an all in one shipping ERP - ZEALIT

ZEALIT Shipping ERP is an Integrated Logistics Software that can efficiently manage the operations of NVOCC Inclusive of ISO Tank Operations (both Principal & Liner Agency), Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Transportation & Distribution, Depot Management with full-fledged Finance & Accounting module, and Business Intelligence.