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ZEALIT HRMS is a software suite that organizations use to manage internal HR functions from employee data management to payroll, recruitment,
benefits, training, talent management, employee engagement and employee attendance..


Human Resource Management System

ZEALIT HRMS is a software suite that organizations use to manage internal HR functions from employee data management to payroll, recruitment, benefits, training, talent management, employee engagement and employee attendance.

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Benefits of

Optimizes employee time and performance with the help of the self-service portal and mobile application and promotes transparency and accountability.
Supports integration with attendance capturing devices, third-party ERPs, and accounting systems to deliver you the power of seamless data flow between different modules.
It enables you to store and manage employee data, documents, letters, forms, and reports online, thus reducing the need for paperwork. All the employee data is stored at a central place, giving you a single source of truth, and improving your data accessibility.
Offers mood analysis and surveys to help you address employee concerns and improve satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Generate readymade or custom reports as per your need using the employee data

Key Features of HRMS

Zealit HRMS

Employee Management

It is an essential source that provides access to all the relevant information relating to an employee. The employee record contains the master data of all details related to an employee. Details captured here start from the time an employee joins the organization, and includes personal details, employment contract details like salary, pay grade, joining date, designation, team, division, etc.

Multiple tabs are available to capture information including family details, educational qualifications, previous designations, leave balances, etc. Detail captured in Employee Record includes


It covers the basic information of an employee such as Name, Employee Id, Family Details, Contact Information, and Employee Department Information which is very essential for perspective from the payroll and reimbursements


This covers the employee bank account number, and PAN number etc.


This covers the position of the employee in the organizational hierarchy and the salary structure details covering all additions, benefits, and deductions.


It will track the employee leaves and control them against leave polices defined in the HR system.


This covers details of loans stretched to an employee against coming business expenses.

Zealit HRMS

Payroll Management

ZEALIT HRMS module manages all requirements related to accounting system of an employee's payroll. It is impeccably integrated with the HRMS on which it depends on for employee-level master data, and all other relevant data that affect the monthly payroll of an employee, for example- leave balance, overtime approvals, business reimbursement claim approvals, company calendar, loan EMI's etc. Payroll master settings are defined in the Pay Organization Structure and HR Organization Structure in the HRMS.

Here, we have an option of define the pay components such as additions, deductions, and Tax tables to calculate the payroll process. Employees having same salary structure are clustered and combined with pay grade, and their salaries are processed based on the additions and deductions applicable to that pay grade. Pay definitions can be a formula based. HR personal can generate payslips and having the access of historical employee payroll reports. The payroll module can be integrated with biometric and third-party time & attendance machines.

Highlights of Payroll Management

The opportunity management process is a progressive set of steps that can help you manage opportunities at every stage of the pipeline. It ensures that you track every possible sale opportunity and close deals quickly. The steps of the opportunity management process are below as follows

Payroll run for one employee or any number of employeesHaving an option of hold/stay of payroll run for select employee recordsOption of having calculating payroll on daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly for select employee record
Zealit HRMS

Employee Self Service Portal

The Employee Self Service Portal is a robust tool that helps reorganize the administrative functions needed to be performed by the HR department. It gives employees immediate access to critical information, with the ability to update and act upon transactions in the workplace, without having to go through the HR personal.

An employee's access to information is based on company-defined security policies and would typically be defined by the employee's position/job function in the organizational hierarchy.


Benefits to HR Department:

Decreased workload in processing queries on Leave Balances, Request Approvals, Information requests, etc.

Benefits to HR Department:

Automated system approvals on the request of Loans, and Reimbursements, etc.

Benefits to HR Department:

Employee Engagement tool.

Features of Employee Self-Service Portal:
Having Access of company directory of employees-based company defined security policy.Maintain and update employee personal information such as educational qualifications, certifications, emergency contact information etc.View PayslipsView Leave Balances, Initiate Leave Requests and view the status of the leave requests.Request for company lettersRequest for Loans/Advances and view status of the requests.
Zealit HRMS

Leave Management

ZEALIT HRM Sallows for the capability to define different "Leave Types" and further define "Leaves" and associate them into a Leave type. The rules and settings for the leaves can be defined in a multiple way.

Features of Leave Management
Maximum Leave Limit Per YearIf Earned leaveCausal Leave, Sick Leave & Maternity LeaveIf it lapses after a periodIf it is auto credited or can be carried forward.If encashable etc.
Zealit CRM

Attendance Management

This feature systematizes time tracking. It will capture the time of clock in and clock out of an employee and giving managers capacity to easily monitor the attendance, and absences of an employee.Organizations who currently having biometric devices or Smart cards can import the data from those devices and process the attendance for all employees in one go.

ZEALIT HRMS for attendance record processing:
ZEALIT HRMS provides a predefined template defined as a CSV file. Time and Attendance data for the month must be prepared in a predefined format and imported into HRMS using import function method. The process will validate the data for errors and presents the HR users to rectify the errors and complete the import process. After completion of import process, the payroll process can be run, which uses the attendance data and proceeds with the steps or backend processes to assess for any other system parameters like approved leaves, loan EMI's, Overtime, and Reimbursements that affect each record before calculating the final payroll amount for each record.
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Highlights Features of HRMS

Everything you need to know for handling client issues quickly.


A CRM is customer-centric, and sales metric focused, which answers in steady and exact forecasting of the sales trends and information and delivers better analytical data and reports.


It gives outstanding sales range, more easy customer interaction, and conversions. It quickens response time, increases proficiency, and urges prompt decision-making skills.


A unified CRM helps in direct sales closure with the customer using its real-time data and knowledge of customer behaviour patterns.


Centralization of data allows the user to admit information on customers, sales details, inquiries, order history, etc. and provide instant and better support to the customer. This would help in producing a stronger prediction and customer trend analysis.


In all the businesses, customer knowledge is the most powerful factor contempt how well your product and services are. Therefore, it is high time to invest and maintain CRM software to make the best out of sales activity. It will ensure that the customer is well managed from the inquiry to the sales closure and until the invoice paid to the feedback received.