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Warehouse Management Software

• Warehouse Management is a crucial part of the overall supply chain. It consumes so much space and time in terms of labor hours. Thus, space and time then becomes expenses.

• ZEALIT helps you to streamline the layout and operations of a warehouse by reducing the overall labor costs, optimize warehouse space, and thus helps you in enhancing the end-to-end flow of Warehouse Management Process.

• ZEALIT is the best Warehouse Management Software as it is integration-friendly, which includes a wide spectrum of warehouse activities right from the arrival of cargo, storing, location management, and dispatching. It manages all these tasks based on detailed algorithmic rule thus optimizing the day-to-day warehouse activities by improving space utilization, thus lowering inventory costs and by boosting productivity.

• It's a comprehensive warehouse management system that combines powerful tracking and reporting features to manage the warehouse. The module includes all of the options required to process warehouse operations from beginning to end.

• It helps you to easily plan, design and manage warehouse processes. It helps in managing goods Inward & Outward Process Management. It is the best software for warehouse inventory management and allows you to issue a notice of damage/loss of goods. It also provides a platform for the recovery of Damage / Disposal

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