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Transportation Management System

ZEALIT is one of the best Transport Management Software that helps transporters in mounting the range of transport, augmenting their transport budget, master the costs, and eases the invoicing process and tracking of the fleets. ZEALIT Simplifies the bookings, transport operations, tracking and monitoring the trucks and goods that are to be delivered in real-time.

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Zealit Shipping ERP

Truck Operation

ZEALIT Transport management module comes with user friendly interface to manage bookings, issue transport order, fuel slips for the transport order and manage fuel costs. It enhances the way trucking businesses function by refining operations and business management with the benefit of technology. It enables you to capture PNR business and return load details.

Zealit Shipping ERP

Stores & Spares

ZEALIT Trucking Module not only handles the operations but also keeps track of the materials and spare parts that is utilized to the repair of trucks. The stores team can set a threshold limit for every critical spare that is used for repair of trucks, when the defined threshold quantity goes below the system can issue a purchase order to the supplier automatically. The software keeps of every spare part that goes into which truck that includes from nuts, bolts, engine oil and tyres., etc

Zealit Shipping ERP

Truck and M&R

Managing the fleet of trucks will no longer be a tedious task with the help of ZEALIT. The Transport management software helps to pre alerts the users on the expiry of statutory documents like insurance, fitness certificate in advance to plan the renewals.

The software helps the maintenance team to issue a job order for the repair work and allocate the necessary spares for the respective job order. It keeps of track of the parts consumption along with the tyre retread details for every truck.

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Features and Benefit of Transport Management Software

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Improved Efficiency

ZEALIT Trucking Software helps to optimize the route planning and scheduling of deliveries, which can lead to better resource utilization, reduced wait times, and faster deliveries. By using our Transport operations software one can also reduce manual work and errors.


Cost Savings

By optimizing routes, reducing waiting times, and improving fleet utilization, our transport software can reduce transportation costs significantly. In addition, ZEALIT can help to identify opportunities for cost savings in terms of better fleet management and tracking the KPIs of each truck in the fleet .


Better Fleet Maintenance

The Transport operations Module of ZEALIT has the capability to manage the maintenance and repair of trucks including the spare parts and tyre management.


Enhanced Visibility

ZEALIT Transport management system provides real-time visibility into transportation operations, allowing businesses to track shipments, monitor delivery performance, and respond quickly to any issues that arise.


Improved Customer Service

ZEALIT Trucking module can help to improve delivery times, accuracy, and reliability, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Data Analytics

The Transport Operations software module can provide valuable data analytics that can be used to identify trends, evaluate performance, and make informed decisions about transportation strategy and operations.



ZEALIT can help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, such as safety regulations, driver profiles management, statutory details of every truck in the fleet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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ZEALIT software offers benefits such as improved route optimization, reduced fuel costs, enhanced fleet management, real-time tracking, and increased overall operational efficiency.
Route optimization algorithms analyse various factors, including traffic conditions, delivery schedules, and vehicle capacity, to determine the most efficient routes for vehicles. This helps minimize travel time and reduce fuel consumption.
Yes, ZEALIT software solutions offer integration capabilities with other systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and warehouse management systems to ensure seamless data flow across different parts of the business.
Yes, ZEALIT software solutions include features to track and manage compliance with regulations such as Hours of Service (HOS) for drivers, helping businesses ensure they adhere to legal requirements and maintain a high level of safety.
ZEALIT software typically provides a range of reports, including route performance, fuel consumption, delivery times, and maintenance schedules. These reports offer valuable insights for better decision-making and performance analysis.