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Transport Management

• ZEALIT is the best Transport Management Software that helps transporters in mounting the range of transport, augmenting their transport budget, master the costs, and eases the invoicing process and tracking of the fleets.

• It's a Transport Management Software that facilitates you to manage and improve the regular operations of their transportation fleets.

• ZEALIT simplifies bookings, operations, tracking and monitoring of goods that are to be delivered in real-time.

• It enhances the way logistics businesses function, by refining operations and business management with the benefit of technology. It enables you to capture PNR business and return load details.

• Transport order status can be easily viewed on the dashboard. It provides you with a platform to easily manage fuel costs, allocates fuel cost to the appropriate transport number and generates a fuel slip reports.

• The invoice can be generated in a single click and auto-email to customers can also be enabled. It will automatically calculate VAT/GST/ any other local taxes applicable to any country.

• It also provides you with an option to apply Applicable taxes on the vendor & customer invoice.

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