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NVOCC Operation Software

ZEALIT Shipping ERP's NVOCC Module is specifically tailor-made to meet the needs of Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC) and its global operations. It is a tried, tested and the best NVOCC operations software that has been evolved based on continuous study of the industry and real-time challenges faced in the NVOCC operations. The NVOCC module of ZEALIT can be used as both principal and Liner agency software and has the capability to handle the NVOCC operations with any type of equipment type. One of the best and fully equipped ISO tank operations software that has unique ISO tank container handling features.

Our NVOCC & ISO tank operations Software is a cloud-based system with inbuilt Finance & Accounting module that can be accessed from any location. The principal can effectively control the agency activities based on the request & approval process and Liner Agency can effectively manage multiple third-party principals. The NVOCC operations process of sales, enquiry, export/import documentation, inventory control, manifests filling, Invoicing, SOA, Container Maintenance & repair, Inventory Control and tracking and NVOCC accounting are all simplified with our user-friendly interface with quick implementation procedures to Go-Live. The software is adaptable to handle NVOCC operations, ISO tank operations and Liner Agency business functions of any size and segment

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Our NVOCC Operation demo video with explain all the parameter and handling of application

agency-handling NVOCC Operations System
Zealit Shipping ERP

Agency Control/ Handling

Our Zealit NVOCC Software is a cloud-based system and can be used as both Principal & Agency Based with inbuilt Finance & Accounting module.

The principal can effectively control the agency activities based on the request & approval process and Agency can effectively manage multiple third-party principals.

Zealit Shipping ERP

Tariff Management

The Tariff Management feature of ZEALIT NVOCC Software helps to define the default rate and cost customer wise with a validity period.

This helps the users to perform the booking quickly just by adding any additional charges other than the predefined Tariffs. This eliminates human errors and revenue leakages.

tariff-management NVOCC Operations System
container-updation NVOCC Operations System
Zealit Shipping ERP

Container Operation

ZEALIT NVOCC Software system has the capability to handle inventory of any type and also comes with unique ISO tank specific features. View Last three Cargo and allocate a Tank container.

  • Tank Certificate Management
  • Test Due Alerts
  • DG product Approval

Zealit Shipping ERP


ZEALIT NVOCC Software simplifies all documentation procedures. DO and manifests with user friendly interface to manage bookings, container allocation & tracking functions.

  • Booking confirmation
  • BL(Bill of Landing)
  • Arrival notices

documentation NVOCC Operations System
inventory-controll NVOCC Operations System
Zealit Shipping ERP

Inventory Control

ZEALIT gives full visibility of Inventory around the globe with their current status Agency Location-wise. The system also gives a report of Inventory idling days to plan and schedule the shipments accordingly at every port location.

Zealit Shipping ERP

SOA Generation

The NVOCC module of ZEALIT simplifies the SOA process as the it keeps track of rate and cost and their ownership of it by Agency and Principal wise thereby simplifying the SOA process with just a click of a button

soa-generation NVOCC Operations System
invoicing NVOCC Operations System
Zealit Shipping ERP


Invoicing in ZEALIT NVOCC Software is simplified and automated as all the transactions are recorded in software right from the booking stage. User will just select the Customer and shipment type and click to generate the invoice for the pending charges that are to be invoiced.

The system can handle multi-currency there by enabling users to invoice in their customer's local currency. The exchange rate management in our NVOCC software enables to manage the books in your local currency.

Let's dive into the depths of easing your NVOCC Operations.

Features and Benefit of NVOCC

Everything you need to know for handling client issues quickly.


Efficient NVOCC Operations

ZEALIT helps in managing operations of NVOCC more efficiently by automating processes such as freight quoting, booking, documentation, manifests filing procedures and invoicing.


Better Inventory Control

The NVOCC software Module provides complete visibility of your inventory spread across the globe with their current status and can manage any type of inventory like Dry boxes, Reefers, Special containers and ISO Tanks


Improved Customer Service

ZEALIT enables NVOCC operators to provide better customer service by streamlining communication and providing real-time shipment tracking, which enhances transparency and accountability. the customer portal feature and mobile app of ZeALIT enables self service options for the end customers thereby enhancing customer experience.


Increased Productivity

By automating manual processes, ZeALIT increases productivity, which translates into faster cargo turnaround times, better visibility and increased profitability.


Enhanced Visibility

Our container operations software provides enhanced visibility into shipping processes, allowing shipping companies to track cargo movement and anticipate potential delays or problems.


Cost Savings

By optimizing shipping processes, our NVOCC operations software helps reduce costs associated with manual data entry, documentation, error correction and arrests revenue leakages.



ZEALIT helps ensure compliance with government regulations, helps NVOCC operators to create a standard process flow adapting to industry standards, which are critical for the safe transportation of cargo and NVOCC business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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ZEALIT NVOCC Module comes with Inventory control feature, that will enable NVOCC operators to track their inventory in real time and get complete visibility of their containers across the globe with their current actual status
ZEALIT NVOCC module gets complete transparency in agency activities by providing to access to your agents , all the transactions like rate request , booking, CRO happens through the software. Agency can update the container movements in real time there by knowing the inventory availability in every agent location.
ZEALIT NVOCC software supports the nvocc business by suggesting the right container based on the nature of cargo. before issuing the CRO, users will be able to choose the container based on the grade or previous history of cargo that particular container has handled .
ZEALIT Shipping ERP's NVOCC module has credit limit management feature. This will help to track their customer's financial history, payment behaviour, and credit scores. This assessment helps in deciding the appropriate credit limits for each customer. Keep check on payment collection by validating at every step of activity like BL release or Delivery order. This includes data related to bookings, tariffs, container tracking, invoices, and payments. Implement strict validation rules to identify and prevent revenue leakages
Yes, ZEALIT has the feature of Automated SOA, this will help us to generate SOA agency wise. It helps customers by offering a more flexible, customizable, and reliable service. It also promotes integration, scalability, and real-time communication, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their NVOCC Business.