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We have helped clients on their staffing requirement. Our clients trust us for providing resources at a fair cost.


IT Staff Augmentation

We have helped clients on their staffing requirement. Our clients trust us for providing resources at a fair cost. Regardless of the technology and tenure of the contract, Aggrandize's team of staffing professionals are ready to support you 24/7 with the best resources based on the demands of the client.

Engagement Models

Aggrandize provides IT staffing services to major clients across the globe.
The Fixed-bid Model

It is more suitable for organizations when they have a well-planned project scopewith a pre-defined budget. Aggrandize will take complete responsibility for the delivery of the project scope as per agreed timelines and milestones. Any changes to the agreed scope may incur additional costs and may also impact the timelines agreed which can be discussed on case-to-case basis.

The Time & Material Model

It is ideal for organizations when the project scope is complex ,not clear and not completely defined and the scope may keep evolving over a period of time. This model is good for companies when they require a Requirement Assessment activity to arrive at a defined scope. T&M Model provides flexibility, the overall project scope can be changed or built based on the latest technology trends to address the business challengesduring the course of software development.

Retainer Model

Retainer model is an alternative to Fixed-bid and T&M pricing model which involves billing the customers in advance for the services to be offered in the future.
In this model, Aggrandize is flexible to get into an agreement with the client for the specific period to carry out certain amount of work.
It is more suitable for organizations who are loaded with projects and lack of enough resources to perform & deliver the projects.
Partnering with Aggrandize will enable your team to deliver the projects on time.
Clients don't have to negotiate each month for the work to be carried out as our price will fixed for a specific period.
Aggrandize provides a detailed report of the work being carried out on a monthly basis so the clients can track where their time and money are being client.