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Freight Forwarding & Clearance

• Freight Forwarders around the world are experiencing the constant mounting the struggle between efficient operations and the low cost which is pushing them to brink leaving only two options of either Grow or Succumb.

• Companies are realizing the importance of adapting to sophisticated Freight Forwarding Software to avoid perishing and to manage their entire freight forwarding process effortlessly and effectively.

• ZEALIT is a user-friendly and intuitive solution Freight Forwarding & Clearance. From operations, visibility, accounting, and tracking to connectivity and even compliance, ZEALIT will provide it all in one single system.

• It is a centralized application which can be accessed by forwarder, agency and the customer. It can be accessed and managed by multiple branches and locations.

• It can easily send quotations to customers through auto-emailing, once the rate is accepted. The system can also auto-create the booking and the agency can update the container movement through and can upload the same as excel.

• The invoice can be generated in a single click and can be mailed to customers through flagged auto emailing.

• Our software can automatically calculate the exchange rate & does the auto calculation of VAT/GST or any other Taxing rule as per the country.

• It also applies WHT /TDS on the vendor invoice and can also be validated with the estimated cost.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.