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Depot Management

• ZEALIT provides you with the best depot management system (DMS) that manages all the key operations of the depot.

• It is designed to help you and to serve your customers more effectively, by making your depot operations more effective and organized.

• Our depot software manages operations such as Gate Moves, Container Maintenance, Repair, Tracking of Containers, Stores, and Spares Control. It helps in handling comprehensive Billing and Documentation, process with superior Reporting Support. ZEALIT makes your depot an efficient workplace!

• Our Depot Management System enables you to generate EDI for all Depot activities. It helps you to create pre-advice for Gate-in and reserve booking for Gate-out.

• It enables you to manage Customer Specific Charges. We provide you with formats to estimate Industry-standard repair and can schedule and plan repairs based on the demand.

• It eases the process of handing Depots at Multiple locations from an HQ. It helps you to generate activity-wise billing with the Multi-Currency option.

• It also includes stores and spares management systems in it.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.