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Depot Management

ZEALIT provides you with the best depot management system (DMS) that manages all the key operations of the depot. It is designed to help you to serve your customers more efficiently, by making your depot operations more effective and organized.

Zealit Shipping ERP

Gate Moves

The Gate in and Gate out Process is seamlessly managed in ZEALIT Depot Management Module.

Depots can create a pre-advice for expected containers from Liners for the Gate in and plan for the activities of storage and handling in advance. This minimizes the time to Gate-in Process. Similarly reserve booking option enables Depot to prebook the containers that are to be gated out based on the advice from Liners in advance. The Gate moves update on a daily basis can be auto-emailed to customers to keep track of their inventory. EIR will be generated at the time of Gate-in and Gate-out.

Zealit Shipping ERP


ZEALIT Depot Management Software Supports the depots in simplifying one of the core activity of Depot which is maintenance & repair. The software helps to manage the repair tariffs customer wise with an option to provide bulk discounts for applicable customers. The repair team can upload the photographs of the container before repair and post completion of the repair which can be viewed the container owners for approval. Repair can be presented with estimates lime item wise and approvals can be given selectively by the asset owners to perform the repair.

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The Depot Management module of ZEALIT sends auto-scheduled emails with critical reports like Daily Activity Report, Gate Moves, Repair Estimate, Inventory Status, Activity Wise Invoicing.

The Gate Moves and Repair estimates can be sent as an EDI in the customer's required format.

This helps the container owners to get a clear visibility of their containers and their actual status to plan and execute their shipments based on the market demand.

Automate your Depot operations

Features and Benefit of Depot Management

Everything you need to know for handling client issues quickly.


Improved inventory management

ZEALIT Depot Management System can provide real-time tracking of inventory movements, making it easier to manage the movement of containers gate in and gate out of the Depot.


Increased efficiency

The Depot management software comes With automated EDI reporting mechanism , which can help in increasing the efficiency of Depot Operations, reducing the time and cost associated with manual processes.


Enhanced visibility

ZEALIT Depot management module can provide real-time visibility into the status of inventory in the depot, allowing Depot managers to quickly identify and address any issues or delays.


Better customer service

Our Depot software comes with the pre-advice and reserve booking options, Container Depots can provide faster and more accurate Gate in and Gate out delivery times, improving customer satisfaction.


Cost savings

By optimizing operations management and maintenance & repair process of container depots with the help of our depot management module, businesses can reduce costs associated with inefficiencies.


Data analytics

ZEALIT Depot Module can provide valuable data insights that can help businesses identify trends and optimize their operations for better results.