Depot Gate In and EOR Process

Depot Gate In

All Empty Units were returned after Import or Empty to the Storage Yard until release to next shipment.

Depot Gate In Details

  • Truck Number
  • Container Number
  • Vessel
  • Voyage

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Answer: This routing definition screen contains the various routes in which a service can be operated.
The route code is denoted as the maritime service as a start and end point of location Example: Shipment loaded from Chennai to Port klang ROUTE CODE: MAAPKG
The route name can be created by mentioning the load, transhipment & final port of code’s. Example: Loading from Chennai to Jakarta ROUTE NAME : INMAA – MYPKG – IDJKT
if many route operated for a specific location then principal can set the priority levels 1 and level 2
The leg information is used to capture the preferred service operator for selected route pair. here the service operator priority level can be defined.