A Freight forwarder plays an integral role in the global supply chain.

Freight forwarding involves all types of transport like Sea, Land, Rail, and Air. The majority of the movement of goods happens through the sea.

Many factors affect the Freight forwarding business like cargo loss, cargo rerouted, cargo released to the wrong party, non-receipt of documents.

When this happens, the freight forwarder becomes liable for being held by other stakeholders. In the business like shippers/customers, Liner, customs authority, or ports.

Freight forwarders who are digitally not equipped. There will be a major risk to any of the mishaps that may happen during the transport of goods.

A freight forwarding software gives complete control of freight business by arresting the errors due to incorrect documentation and providing clear visibility of P&L.

ZEALIT Shipping ERP’s freight forwarding software module handles end to end operations of a freight forwarder. It comes with a user-friendly interface to handle shipments via sea or air along with customs clearance.

ZEALIT is a centralized Freight Forwarding System Software that connects carriers, shippers, and other stakeholders of business for smooth exchange of data and documentation for transparent execution of forwarding business.

The Freight Forwarding Software gives the ability to manage customer & vendor contracts, send customer quotations, issue BL, and generate invoices in a single click.

ZEALIT enables the freight forwarding business to manage multiple branch locations and reduces total operational cost by optimizing revenue & margins.

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