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Choosing the right software for a Warehouse & distribution centre

Date: 20-01-2023
Warehouse & distribution centre
  • A warehouse is used for storing any goods or finished products that can be trans-loaded or distributed at a later point in time. To be a distribution center, the warehouse provides value-added services like order fulfilment, packaging, product mixing, cross-docking., etc the distribution center acts as a bridge between supplier and the customer.
  • A Warehouse Management System Software should keep a good track of operations right from material pick up from the plant or the supplier, Goods receiving in Warehouse, storage, Goods Delivery, Damages and Return
  • Warehouse Management Software Systems (WMS) should provide a competitive edge to the business by managing complete operations with minimal labour and thereby improving efficiency and customer service.
  • There are many warehouse management systems with different business functions, hence choosing the right software for your business plays a crucial part; as some WMS is designed for only a specific type of business.
  • As the warehouse-size increases, the complexity of business will increase and the warehouse system should provide more flexibility and automation for larger warehouses. Hence depending on the size of the warehouse the functions of the software should be Configurable rather than Customization.
  • A Warehouse Management System Software has to give your business complete control without any loopholes with inbuilt Finance & Accounting system to handle the billing activity-wise and track payables & receivables along with full accounting procedures.
  • After evaluating the functions for Warehousing Software, the second most important factor is cost, whatever may be the complexity of the business the warehousing software should provide flexible engagement models like SAAS or License Purchase options to suit the business of any size with the quick on boarding process and Go-Live
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