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NVOCC Software vs. Freight Forwarding Software: A Comprehensive Comparison

Date: 12-08-2023
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NVOCC Software and Freight Forwarding Software have both become game-changers for firms in the constantly changing logistics industry. The management and transportation of goods worldwide is being revolutionized by these cutting-edge tools. We'll explore the special benefits, features, and use cases of NVOCC and freight forwarding software in this blog article. We'll also explain why ZEALIT Shipping ERP is the best option available for logistics firms, standing head and shoulders above the competition.

Understanding NVOCC Software and Freight Forwarding Software:

  • NVOCC Software: Software designed specifically for NVOCC businesses that function as middlemen between shippers and carriers is known as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC). It streamlines procedures including freight tracking, billing, documentation, and booking administration.
  • Freight communication software:An all-in-one solution for freight transportation logistics optimisation is freight forwarding software. It includes a number of functions, including efficient stakeholder communication, shipping management, documentation, and customs compliance.

Key Features and Benefits of NVOCC Software:

  • Booking management: NVOCC software improves the process of reserving and managing cargo space with carriers, enhancing productivity and reducing manual errors.
  • Documentation and invoicing:The software automates documentation, including bill of lading, invoicing, and other critical paperwork, assuring compliance and quick transactions.
  • Cargo tracking:NVOCC software delivers real-time cargo tracking, enabling clients transparency and boosting overall customer experience.

Key Features and Benefits of Freight Forwarding Software:

  • Shipment management: Freight forwarding software makes cost-effective and timely delivery by streamlining carrier selection, route planning, and shipment tracking.
  • Customs Compliance: By streamlining customs paperwork and compliance, the programme allows for seamless cross-border travel with less delays.
  • Collaboration:Freight forwarding software facilitates smooth cooperation between stakeholders, such as clients, agents, and carriers, thereby fostering effective communication and solid alliances.

When to Choose NVOCC Software:

NVOCC software is perfect for businesses that manage container operations, cargo bookings and paperwork for shippers. It serves companies looking for specific characteristics for NVOCC operations.

When to Choose Freight Forwarding Software:

For companies that provide a variety of logistical services, including order books, paperwork & import and export documentation, reporting, and shipment tracking, the logistics software is appropriate.

ZEALIT Shipping ERP: The Best of Both Worlds

In order to provide a comprehensive solution that benefits both kinds of enterprises, ZEALIT Shipping ERP transcends the restrictions of standalone NVOCC and freight forwarding software. ZEALIT Shipping ERP offers logistics companies the best of both worlds with its robust features, user-friendly design, and sophisticated capabilities.


Businesses must evaluate their individual needs and expectations when choosing between NVOCC software and Freight Forwarding software. However, ZEALIT Shipping ERP removes the need for compromise. This comprehensive solution combines the advantages of both types of software, offering logistics organizations with unrivalled efficiency, streamlined operations, and seamless cooperation. Accept ZEALIT Shipping ERP's capacity to rocket your logistics organization to new heights of success.