Zealit ERP is built with the talior made solution to meet the end to end operations of NVOCC business. Our module covers the operation of managing the leasing contract, slot contract , Routing Management, MRG or Freight rate management, Agency & Port Local tariff's and cost, Commission agreement with the agency, Demurrage/Detention/Storage and perdiem auto-calculation, Rate Negotiation with the agents ,Export & import documentation, Customer invoices, Vendor Invoices with fully inbuilt accounting module

Our Cloud based ERP centralised ERP system will let all the stakeholders which includes principal, agencies, Customer and depot to acess the single system. This benefit the business owner to get the real time update.

How do You Benefit

Our ERP solution focused to deliver the benefits by helping the business to follow the industry best process. Key objective is to reduce the time to complete the task and to have the reporting with the ontime data

Inventory Tracking

One of the chellanging approach in NVOCC business is to know the current stock position. Zealit is delveloped to accept the EDIFACT EDI message send by terminals, Depots and ICD's; With the help fo this feature inventory movement will auto capture by the system with very minimal human intervention and enable the business owner to get the current stock position with the live data

Container Maintainence & Repair

Zealit has the option to accept the container estimates along with the images in the DESTIM EDI format and also has the e-commerce web portal where by depot can login and update the container damage estimates, wit this features damage estimation will be captured in the system effectively on time. Based on the repair approval, system will comapre the repair cost with the damage fee collected for the container and automatically invoice the customer for the additional damage

Trade & Pricing

Pricing or Trade department is provided with the option to fix the Freight rate for the port pairs, Port Charges, agency local charges and incidental charges; with the help of this definition when the agency request the rate from the priciapl system will auto compute the rate and provide for the agency. In case if the agency wants to negotiate , this can be handled inside the system which will help the price or trade department to understand the details of the negitiation and agreement with agency for each shipment

Finance & Accounting

Zealit has the built in finance & accounting module which will let the accounting team to work based on the real time data. In order to ease the work of the day to day accoting activities , zeal it has automated serveral tedious process such as automated bank reconcialtion based on the electronic statement received from the bank, Auto registration of PDF invoice received from the terminal, credit limit validation while releasing the OBL/DO etc.,options to generate the statutary reports for VAT/GST/WHT/TDS in button click, auto emailing of outstatement to the customers.

Pricipal Accounting

One of the challenging task of principal accounting is to manage the monthly VDA for the payment agencies collected on behalf of pricipal, In Zealit we focuse effectivly to automate this process by auto generating the VDA on monthly basis and make the necessarry accoting entries in both pricipal and agencies books


Zealit is carefully developed to reduce the data entry as much as possible, on the export leg once the rate request is approved system will auto create the booking;once the empty container is picked by the customer system will auto link the container with the booking ; once the booking is confirmed system will auto create the BL; once the BL is confirmed system will allow to generate the pre-defined rate agreed with the pricipal. On the import side , BL created by the export leg agent is available for import agent without any data entry and based on this information system will allow to auto-email the arrival notice, Invoice and other required documents to the customer

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