The Employee Self Service Portal is a robust tool that helps reorganize the administrative functions needed to be performed by the HR department. It gives employees immediate access to critical information, with the ability to update and act upon transactions in the workplace, without having to go through the HR personal. An employee's access to information is based on company-defined security policies and would typically be defined by the employee's position/job function in the organizational hierarchy.

Employee Self-Service

Features of Employee Self-Service Portal:

  • Having Access of company directory of employees-based company defined security policy.
  • Maintain and update employee personal information such as educational qualifications, certifications, emergency contact information etc.
  • View Payslips
  • View Leave Balances, Initiate Leave Requests and view the status of the leave requests.
  • Request for company letters
  • Request for Loans/Advances and view status of the requests.

Benefits to HR Department:

  • Decreased workload in processing queries on Leave Balances, Request Approvals, Information requests, etc.
  • Automated system approvals on the request of Loans, and Reimbursements, etc.
  • Employee Engagement tool.