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The Future Of Freight Forwarding - The Trends You Need To Know

Date: 08-02-2023
The Future Of Freight Forwarding
  • Freight forwarders are bit sceptical about the future of their company because of the competition and global economy. This uncertainty can be removed by adopting technology in to their business. There is an increase in competition now than before because of new players emerging in the market and some of the existing players offering Warehousing, Transportation or other services are plunging in to Freight forwarding business too.
  • The reason to lose business to the competition is that the shipper is now more concerned on moving the goods to the delivery point and not worried about the service or service providers. This makes the freight forwarding business to differentiate themselves only with the pricing and not on the quality of service. To win the customers over pricing the best solution is to adopt an appropriate software to automate the business process and improve the customer experience by providing ease of doing business with self-service options to the customers using technology.
  • The business is getting complicated because of fluctuating costs & rates and freight forwarders are unable to give reliable quotes to their customers. By choosing a solution which gives them an option to manage tendering process, maintain the contracts with customers & Service providers to enable them provide accurate cost effective quotes to win the competitors over pricing. As the customer expectation is more on the faster and cheaper services, bringing in automation to the freight forwarding business is more important to win over the race with the competition.
  • ZEALIT ERP enables the freight forwarding businesses to provide accurate quote by managing the rates with customers & costs with service providers and automating the business operation by providing self-service options through the customer portal. ZEALIT ERP eliminates the need of managing multiple systems in a complex business environment as it comes with full-fledged finance & accounting and HRMS modules.