This feature systematizes time tracking. It will capture the time of clock in and clock out of an employee and giving managers capacity to easily monitor the attendance, and absences of an employee.Organizations who currently having biometric devices or Smart cards can import the data from those devices and process the attendance for all employees in one go.


ZEALIT HRMS for attendance record processing:

ZEALIT HRMS provides a predefined template defined as a CSV file. Time and Attendance data for the month must be prepared in a predefined format and imported into HRMS using import function method. The process will validate the data for errors and presents the HR users to rectify the errors and complete the import process. After completion of import process, the payroll process can be run, which uses the attendance data and proceeds with the steps or backend processes to assess for any other system parameters like approved leaves, loan EMI’s, Overtime, and Reimbursements that affect each record before calculating the final payroll amount for each record.